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Shinedown’s 2013 Carnival of Madness tour truly has me at a loss for words.  If I just throw around superlatives, they lose meaning… right??  I’ll use them anyways.  They deserve it.

Brilliant. Stunning. Amazing. Unsurpassed. Surprising. Consummate.

These words do not just apply to one facet of what Shinedown brings; These words describe the performance, visual presentation, lyrical content, musicianship, showmanship, creativity, character, and even their supporting crew.  These guys are masters of their craft and the performance thereof, master entertainers – and they truly focus on delivering an amazing experience for their audience.

I’ve known this for a while, and Shinedown’s sold-out Carnival of Madness performance in Cincinnati, OH on August 17th, 2013 only reminded me of these things.

I highly recommend catching this tour – and highly recommend taking a look through this slideshow of concert images.

I’ll let a massive pile of images speak for me at this time.


p.s.  Fire dancers, circus performers and more.  Wow.   More on that in another post…

Rockstar Energy Uproar Fest headlining act Shinedown absolutely killed it in Atlanta on September 12th, 2012.

Nearly 15 opening bands, including Staind, Godsmack, and Fozzy (Sadly, Papa Roach had to drop off of the tour due to a medical emergency).

Monstrous amounts of pyro, massive sound, beautiful production, and Shinedown’s always amazing performance, featuring some material from their awesome new album Amaryllis.

With such an amazing production, a tremendous amount of passion for their craft, and the ever helpful All Access & waived restrictions on photo limits, I found myself being unable to trim my photo selection below the triple digit mark!   In a break from tradition, I’m going to post a handful of photos here – as well as a slideshow…  As I just couldn’t possibly cut this down to just 5 images.