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Best known for being the front man of multi-platinum rock band Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump now is on tour with his expectation-breaking, genre-defying solo project.

When Red Jumpsuit Apparatus drummer Jon Wilkes was telling me about Patrick’s new project, I, like most people, assumed it would be a rock band. Jon told me “It is pop… R&B… Robin Thicke…meets…energy. Just listen to it.” Days later, I was off to Lollapalooza in Chicago, where Patrick would be playing. Unfortunately, I was booked with shoots during the beginning and end of his set, but did manage to catch “Cute Girls” as well as a medley of various R&B covers featuring Patrick on drums & vocals, before running off to my next shoot.
The 5 to 10 minutes that I witnessed… absolutely locked me in. I was sold. I was in. I wanted more.

Just a couple of weeks later, Patrick Stump played at the Orpheum in Tampa, FL. Not only was I anxious to be there to watch the show, take some photos, etc., but I was also excited to be working with Patrick’s touring drummer, Skoota Warner. (See my photoblog from my shoot with Skoota Warner by clicking here)

Skoota introduced me to Patrick before sound check. We chatted for a few minutes – he left an impression… What a nice guy!!! He was incredibly polite, fun to chat with, and seemingly completely unaware that he is a big time rock star! The guys in the band only had great things to say about him! A couple surprising facts: Patrick, who is pretty much paying for the tour, album, everything on his own dime, shares his bus with all 3 bands on the tour. Sometimes all of the bunks are full – and Patrick is the first one to volunteer to sleep on the floor!

Sound check rocked. The concert… was absolutely awesome. Really great. Patrick and his entire band put 100% of what they have into it, 100% of the show. Patrick, during the show, sang & played guitar, trumpet, drums, and piano.

Patrick’s first full length solo album, Soul Punk, comes out October 18th. I strongly suggest checking it out!!

Here are some photos from that great evening!

Patrick Stump by Will Hawkins
Patrick Stump by Will Hawkins

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